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France Télévisions, Globecast begin new cycle of transmission

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France Télévisions, Globecast begin new cycle of transmission

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France Télévisions, Globecast begin new cycle of transmission

   | 01 July 2016

Leading French broadcasting group France Télévisions has engaged global media solutions provider Globecast to provide transmission services to bring iconic cycling events to screens.

Tour de France 2015 pic 2 1 July 2016The multi-year deal with France Télévisions will begin on 2 July for coverage of the Tour de France and will also include the Criterium Dauphiné Libéré, Paris Roubaix, Paris Tours and Paris Nice until 2020.

Globecast will supply overarching transmission solutions, bringing together logistical, technical and human resources to capture signals from along the course using satellite and cellular to France Télévisions, allowing it to create its celebrated final output.

“Covering cycle racing has always been one of the greatest technical challenges for live television,” explained Anne Souché, head of transmission department of France Télévisions. “Our content from the Tour de France in particular is well recognised by broadcasters worldwide as a model of its kind. Cooperation between France Télévisions and Globecast has existed since the beginning of live transmissions of these races. The experience we have gained together has been a major factor in enabling us to overcome technical challenges and to succeed with them (digital transition, HD ... ). Partnering again until 2020 allows us to anticipate and move forward with further technological improvements and innovations.”

Added Globecast’s director of the contribution and media services, Michele Gosetti: “Our experience and commitment are essential on such projects. France Télévisions’ renewed trust in us motivates us even more to rise to the technical and logistical challenges inherent in live broadcasting major cycling races. This long-term commitment allows us to evolve our technical relationship, helping France Télévisions in its desire to constantly improve and enrich the viewer experience.”


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